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Unleash the full potential of your business with a Thrive Media VA Dream Team. An entire team dedicated to elevating your operations can be the thing you need to drive your business forward. Imagine having not just one, but three experts—a Support VA, a Production VA, and a Project Manager—working seamlessly to target milestones in your business. This isn’t just about assistance; it’s about unlocking a new level of productivity and success for your business.


Digital Excellence Delivered

Starting at $2790/month, you get a full team ready to bring your mission and vision forward. Thrive Media’s VA Team service encompasses everything essential for your digital success:

1 Support VA

Your dedicated Support VA ensures smooth day-to-day operations, handling administrative tasks, communication, and ensuring your business runs seamlessly.

1 Production VA

The Production VA manages creative and technical tasks, from graphic design to content creation, ensuring your brand's digital presence stands out.

1 Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees and optimizes workflow, guaranteeing strategic alignment with your business objectives. They ensure your team operates cohesively to meet and exceed your expectations.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve outlined some possible questions that could help you in your decision-making process. Is a Thrive Media VA team the best choice for you? Read through our FAQ to find out. If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking on the button below. 

The Thrive Media VA Team offers a holistic approach by providing a Support VA, a Production VA, and a dedicated Project Manager who collaborate seamlessly. This collective force brings multifaceted expertise to your business, ensuring a comprehensive and transformative support system that goes beyond the capabilities of individual hires.

The collaborative nature of our VA Team enables it to streamline tasks, optimize workflow, and adapt to the evolving needs of your business. With a Support VA handling day-to-day activities, a Production VA managing creative and technical tasks, and a Project Manager overseeing and optimizing workflow, you experience unparalleled operational efficiency tailored to your unique requirements.

The Thrive Media VA Team brings exceptional value by not only addressing your immediate needs but also anticipating future challenges. This strategic, long-term solution becomes an integral part of your business, offering proactive solutions, adaptability, and growth potential. The unbeatable pricing starting at $2790 ensures maximum value for your investment.

Absolutely! Our pricing is flexible, allowing you to fully customize a package based on the specific requirements of your business. This ensures that you receive a tailored solution, adapting to the unique demands of your operations and maximizing the benefits of having a dedicated team supporting your business.

The pricing for a Thrive Media VA Team starts at $2790, covering all salaries of the team, including our admin fee. This cost-effective solution provides an unbeatable value proposition, offering a dynamic and versatile team for a fraction of the cost compared to hiring equivalent full-time employees from the US, UK or other territories. 

Please note that there is a 4.5% Goods and Services Tax applied to all transactions of Thrive Media. Apart from this, there are no additional fees unless you would like to provide bonuses, health benefits and other similar benefits to your team.

From the signing of contract and payment of your invoice, it will take Thrive Media a total of 3 weeks to skills-match, gather, and train the team for your business. We will also be establishing a project management system in place so you can best manage your team. All of this will fall within the 3-week preparation period. 


Imagine Your Business,
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The holistic nature of a Thrive Media VA Team offers a strategic, long-term solution that extends beyond the limitations of singular hires. This collaborative force becomes an integral part of your business, adapting, evolving, and growing with you. The team you hire is central to you and to the needs of your business. A Thrive Media VA Team is trained and designed to support your business at every possible level, meeting every possible need.

Our competitive pricing at $2790 for a Thrive Media VA Team is also designed to provide maximum value for your investment. This cost-effective solution ensures that you’re not just saving on expenses but gaining a dynamic and versatile team that propels your business forward.

So if you’re serious about growth for the next few months, this is the investment you should be sincerely considering. 

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